The Middle Class Are Getting Fired

youre_firedThe Middle Class Are Getting Fired

It’s true. James Altucher told me so, and he’s a smart dude The world’s economy, especially America’s, is finally finding its feet again, stock market is up, corporate profits are up, –  but how’s your pay cheque? Probably not so much,. See, the corporate world has realised it doesn’t need the huge full- time work force it once had. It can get the job done without full time employees – , part time workers are far less of a financial burden. So guess what?  You’re  fired. ,Hell, we’re all fired.

 What do we do?,  We need jobs, right? How will we be able to pay our  mortgage? What about medical insurance, and kids’ schooling? I’ve got news  for you, : you’re going to have to go it alone. I’ve got more news for you,:  it’s  never been a better time to go it alone.

Now this probably isn’t news to you – the internet has changed everything. It turns out this World Wide Web thing is no fad, it’s here to stay. is going to introduce you to people who, as James Altucher would say, have “chosen themselves”;, we’re also going to discover the resources out there that have enabled many to unleash their inner GENERALIST.

Disruption and fragmentation are the enemy of traditional industries, but the friend of a motivated Generalist. They provide opportunity and gaps in the universe to be filled with new ideas, new products, and new services. Or even old ones, but delivered in a new way. Disruption and fragmentation are going to allow the creatives to build a new economy.


I’ve mentioned James Altucher a couple of times in this post. Here’s the link to his blog:

Check out his podcast, the James Altucher show. He is one of the best interviewers I’ve heard, with a very raw style. And his subjects are some serious Generalists.


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