Read These Blogs Or Else


Read These Blogs Or Else


These three blogs alone have enough information in them to change your life forever. Not only that but it’s all free: they ask nothing of you other than that you read them. I’ve been following these three for some time, and I wish I’d just got on with the stuff they were telling me. The idea for this blog came from one of these – it’s taken me about five years to get around to it.


See, while I’m a Generalist in progress, I’m a fully formed and expert procrastinator. I don’t think it’s because I’m lazy; I think most of the time it stems from fear of getting it wrong, and looking like a dick! If you just act on some of the stuff in these three blogs, something will happen. You may not start a business, you may not lose weight, you may not learn to be grateful, but you might.


Blog number one: This is the blog of Tim Ferriss – I was going to say the author Tim Ferriss, but as you’ll see if you start reading his material, he’s much more than that.


Tim Ferriss is best known for his books “The Four Hour Work Week”, “The Four Hour Body”, and “the Four Hour Chef.” The Four Hour Work Week blog is a huge collection of articles ranging from crazy experiments and life hacks, to amazing guest posts.


Blog number two: This is the blog run by Noah Kagan, it’s more of a business and marketing blog that has the most amazing information for a budding Generalist.

Noah also has a cool way of turning anything to an opportunity to learn something, and his enthusiasm is infectious.


Blog number three: Once described as an online train wreck, James Altucher is one of the most genuine voices on the web. His blog is I’ve worked in the news and media business most of my adult life and I don’t know that I’ve ever heard an interviewer like him. He has the simple but amazing ability to ask different questions.


These are a great place to start a Generalist’s journey of discovery. I hope you like them. Whatever you do, act on the information if it resonates with you



Alan @generalistalan

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