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Why I’m S*$t Scared Of Writing

  I left school at fifteen years of age, and have spent all of my adult life worried that people  would think I’m an idiot. I’m dyslexic, now I’m not going to run through the list of famous  gifted folk that had dyslexia because I think they’re outliers. For every famous business  tycoon, or artist […]

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Read These Blogs Or Else

Read These Blogs Or Else   These three blogs alone have enough information in them to change your life forever. Not only that but it’s all free: they ask nothing of you other than that you read them. I’ve been following these three for some time, and I wish I’d just got on with the […]

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The Middle Class Are Getting Fired

The Middle Class Are Getting Fired It’s true. James Altucher told me so, and he’s a smart dude.  The world’s economy, especially America’s, is finally finding its feet again, stock market is up, corporate profits are up, –  but how’s your pay cheque? Probably not so much,. See, the corporate world has realised it doesn’t need […]

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