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    I used to work on a slow desktop computer in the damp spare room of the apartment I shared with my then girlfriend. How different things would have been if the office had been nicer, the computer had been faster. My then girlfriend and I later bought a house, sure it needed some […]

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Orphan Blog

My Orphan Blog   Motivation vs. focus: one is easy to get but hard to hold, the other hard to achieve and damn near impossible to keep. My blog has become a victim of a war between the two. Is it a lack of motivation or an unwillingness to focus? Either way, it has become […]

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Laptop Life

Can you live from your laptop? Back in 1992 I was living in San Diego working on the TV coverage of The America’s Cup yacht race. Life was good, I was working hard and playing hard. I was also watching a bunch of MTV, long sessions of Beavis and Butthead along with a new show […]

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Minaal Kick Off Again

Our friends over at have kicked off another Kickstarter campaign for a new bag. Have a listen to the Interview with Jimmy over here  he runs through the ins and outs of how they got their business on the road. I have a 1.0 version of the bag and it’s awesome, do yourself a favour […]

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Just Ask

Just ask, and why it’s good to be rejected   Both Tim Ferriss, author of “The Four Hour Work Week”, and Noah Kagan, creator of and, have a huge number of online followers. In one of their recent podcasts  Noah talks about the easiest way to start building your email list. Here’s how […]

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Generalists Aren’t Turkeys

Generalists Aren’t Turkeys Here’s an idea, you’re welcome to use it if you like, in fact I might even get around to it myself. Write a book about personal finance that isn’t aimed at someone in their late twenties or early thirties. You know, the people who can save for their retirement if they start […]

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Curiosity And Why It Wont Kill You

 Curiosity  Never return the way you arrived. It’s something I started  when I lived in London. I love walking, especially when  I’m in a new city, so when I worked in Soho I spent many  nights walking around, never heading back from a place  the same way I got there. I’m convinced I saw and […]

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